Monday, May 07, 2007

goin loco in locos

pagudpud, ilocos norte---it was a 12 hour long bus ride but what the heck, we only had to sleep naman and i've got my music companion with me so no fuss at all. and what more, i was with Lala, my bestest friend since grade school and it was gonna be our first road trip together along with my work partner, Rick. i knew this was gonna be a really eventful one even if we had no resort reservations haha! we were warned we might have difficulties especially since it was a weekend but then trips are always coupled with fun and adventure, di ba??? what more, we got on board an ultra girly pink bus so could anything go wrong???!!!

we arrived in pagudpud at about 8am and asked a tricycle driver to bring us to a resort in Saud beach...he took us to Klasik beach resort and at 1500 per night for the three of us we no longer hesitated nor got picky and just got it at once. we were tired and sleepy and still grateful that we managed to get a place that fast. ;) kaso, the resort is far off saud beach pala, nasa gilid lang and our beach front is rocky, not "swimmable" at all.

we decided to take a tour instead to be scheduled at 10am later that day. we we're supposed to go to the many different attractions in the area. thus after breakfast and some shut eye we we're off to the tour yi-ha!

first stop was the maira-ra blue lagoon and it was indeed heaven! we got there around 1130, the sun was at it's brightest yet no one was complaining. by 12 noon we almost had the beach to ourselves!! i tell you, i've been to most beaches in the area, what can i say, am that beachy eh hehe...and this maira-ira has to be the best one i've gone to. forget bora or even the ones in palawan and bohol, this one is tops!!!

we left the lagoon almost 1am and dropped by the bantay abot. we took pictures then went off and looked for a karenderia to eat in. at least mura lang. from there we went to patapat viaduct. there's really not much to do there aside from more taking pictures of that long bridge.

from there we dropped by agua grande, great place they got in there. it's where fresh and sea water actually meet and it was refreshing to just take a dip there and the water was so cold. one could also get a free massage from the rushing water. ;)

our next stop was the kabigan falls. we we're told to prepare ourselves for a 30 minute hike and it was like 2pm hahaha!!! but with all the sunbathing that we've done who are we to complain of more heat :p but then i wasn't so impressed with falls sorry...i'm from iligan and we have tinago falls back home. once you've seen it, no other waterfalls could even come close. :D so i no longer took a dip there. better to go there dry and leave dry in the sweltering heat of the sun.

we paid extra to our guide for a trip to the windmills. it's quite far, we actually dozed off on the trip. it was gonna be another 15 km or so. and the windmills look scary up close huh! it's like aliens were gonna come out anytime heheh...we took more pics and just enjoyed the view and rushed back home to catch the sunset.

saud place looks good but am not able to appreciate the beach a lot. there were seaweeds, the brown ones, and the water was kinda rough unlike the one in the lagoon. oh well, it was great to laze around still, wait for the sunset and watch the world go by.

after our shower we went to to get dinner yey! and we're all famished from the tour. will post the pics later but be prepared to drool!

we had a couple of beers after and just laid down on the beach watching the stars. whoa, i haven't really done that in a while and it was just relaxing gazing at the twinkling lights at a distance, marvelling at the great places we've been to that day.

the one thing i don't like in pagudpud though is all bars and restos close at 10pm heheh...well and good though at least we can turn in early and sleep better.

more pics here!


  1. ang saya naman ng lakad nyo!! one day hingin ko yung itinerary nyo ha, gagayahin namin hehehe :)

  2. How i envy your job talaga! Pagudpud is on my must-see places... along with palawan beaches, bohol beaches.. all the places you've been too. hmp. hehe
    OMG, now i'm on panic-mode. Summer's almost over and my family has not gone to any beach yet!

  3. albert, sabihin nyo lang sa tricycle driver i tour kayo at dadalhin na kayo sa mga good spots. wag kayo magdala ng sasakyan at magsarili ng tour maliligaw kayo hehehe....

  4. Chats, habol na at malapit na tag ulan!!!!

  5. ^ ayayay, parang impossible nang makahabol... all weekends are full! sigh

  6. Anonymous12:12 PM

    parang super fun trip mo to school's scheduling a trip for us HRM students to pagudpud prolly next month..:D im pretty sure we'll enjoy the place....its for 4d/3n pala...:) i hope it's not maalon by next month....:)

  7. Hello, how much did you spend on your trip? We plan to go there this April and we are thinking of taking this Pagudpod tour package.