Sunday, May 13, 2007

guilty pleasures

after havin lunch and coffee with an old friend, i dropped by national bookstore to get me some good book to read. oh well, i found myself on the comic book section and found these:

i already have both books alright but aren't they lovely??? i sat there for a while and contemplated on it, after all one comic book costs P839 and the other is at P979, phew! i texted my bestfriend, i felt i was such in a dilemma haha! she told me to close my eyes and choose eenie-meenie-miney-moe...but the stubborn one that i am took both and ran straight to the cashier before i could change my mind hehehe...

smart bro has to wait, never mind if my brother's gonna kill me!

at least i'll have something to pass on Xan when he gets older :D

happy gorgeous mommy's day to me!!!


  1. belated happy mother's day! :)
    Pareho kayo ng bro ko, addict kay neil gaiman. :p

  2. same to you!!!

    haay, mahal na bisyo talaga si neila gaiman hehe...

  3. Palaging panira sa budget ang National Bookstore na yan eh. hehehe

  4. ^^hehe sinabi mo. esp kung may laking national card ka pa hmp!!!