Sunday, August 05, 2007

goodbyes and reunions

i've been meaning to write this for quite sometime...but i've been having such a deluge of things to do and think about that i consider it untimely to just post it yet...and yeah, somehow we need some time, a longer time even to process whatever it is we are feeling...

sigh...the past days have been a series of goodbyes and reunions...and more goodbyes. i wanted to keep quiet and hopefully let the sadness just go away...but i also find it in me to revel..and be hopeful of what's gonna come next.

i went home last week and met up with my family and friends once again. i guess it has become some sort of addiction. i need to see them at least once in a while. and each reunion is nowhere near the same. Xan is so much bigger now, with a lot more cute antics. it makes me wonder how long this has to go on. i know someday i'll have to stay by his side and not leave him anymore.

when i left him (for the nth time) he was at the door wanting to cry out...and yes he did...that heartbreaking cry no mom would dare want to see on their little kids...and yeah, he knows how to call me mommy now. he knows who mama, my mom is, and who mamay, his ate Mai is little kid is not so little anymore.

i met up with my best buds too. and though we keep on talking about almost the same things each time, every moment is always precious. Sugar came home from Cebu too and we were lucky enough to have met up right before we have to go back to our own destinations again. each meeting though fleeting is always sweet.

Sugar is currently taking her review for a specialization/licensure exam. she's US bound i guess and yeah, just the tought, selfish as it may seem, is actually breaking my heart...but then again, it's the same feeling i've had when my other friend, Lala left for New York a few years back...but of course, she's back here now and is even staying near my place in Katipunan. so much for my dramaness hahaha! yeah, people leave and though the distance leaves some void in our hearts it helps to realize that they do, in due time, come back. that's what reunions are for anyway.

and thank heavens for ym and conferences, the world indeed is just getting smaller each day.

because yeah, i think about you too...all the time.

You say the word
You know I will find you
Or if you need some time
I don't mind
I don't hold on
To the tail of your kite


  1. Xan crying at the door scene is something most mommies are all too familiar with. Heartbreaking, yes. Very much so. Hay. XanXan, 1 going on 10, big boy na talaga.

    Good things about being away from long time friends are the reunions. They're always the best, and somehow each one cherishes the moments of togetherness all the more. Regards to Sugar!

  2. haay..yeah..heartbreaking...but Xan is growing well naman..thank God..soon..soon :D

    sana makabalik kami ng bacolod, May..*hugs* take extra care for you and the new lil one...kisses to Z. :D