Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my own version of Heroes

thanks to my local dibidi man, i am able to watch the tv show Heroes in full, minus the unnecessary commercial breaks and the agony of waiting for the next episode installment.

after about an entire day of watching these special people exhibiting powers of different kinds with the goal of actually saving the world i would drift off and hope that someday somehow we could have these abilities too and make fighting off evil easier. but i look back and around me and realize that i am actually amidst people who in their own ways are striving to make a difference. people who seem ordinary like the rest of us but actually posses better visions of themselves and the world.

take for example Sir Daryl, he can't fly like Peter Petrelli does. But he would scour the mountains of Bukidnon searching for indigenous communities that need education. he doesn't have the gift of healing but he would brave the perils of the jungle trekking, climbing for hours even days on end to reach these places.

Dr. Ato of Bacolod can't read minds like Matt Parkman can but he can examine and empathize with his patients suffering from eye problems. they don't have to tell him they badly need their assistance, he readily gives his support and operates on them mostly for free.

Miss Monica of Dumaguete opted to stay and teach in what used to be called as the "no man's land" of Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental. she doesn't have the power of rapid cell regeneration but she is strong and compassionate enough to the once armed rebels of the area that she does not have to fear for her life or worry about being caught in crossfires.

it doesn't really take modern gadgets and electronics to civilize men and make life easier like what Micah Sanders powers rest on. but for JR, leaving her family to teach basic education, hygiene and livelihood to the natives of Palawan proved to be way helpful for their advancement. she only needs to care and reach out to them and she is able to alleviate poverty and improve their over all sense of well being.

there are still a lot of others out there whom we have met along the way. they all never failed to give us enough inspiration to look for more.

the big difference i guess is that whereas our Heroes characters has this magnanimous goal of saving the world...our very own heroes are only thinking of doing their share through their own little ways. but considering how wicked our world has become, a little thing could indeed go a long, long way. yeah, little things do pile up.

i go out and think of how scary it might be meeting the Sylars of this world but is somehow relieved that it is all but fiction. I feel more secure and moved that these unassuming people in their own world out there are actually doing their share in fighting evil. i'm not being all true romantic about it, i'm just one of those who are lucky enough to have actually met people who still have the hearts for their fellows.

nah, this is not some shameless plug for our project, nor some good excuse for me blogging at work...i just can't help but compare and feel hope for all mankind. :)

i haven't thought of any other character for Hiro Nakamura as i find him too cute to be real.:D


  1. Those are the kind of goosebumps I love getting whenever I hear of stories about the heroes around us. It's always a reminder that we needn't look far and wide to know that people around us are making a difference -- and we should be inspired to do the same. Cheers!

  2. May!!! my Bacolod trip paid up!! :D