Tuesday, August 21, 2007


oops, no drama here..not even a sniff. bleh!

the past long weekend has found me transfixed in front of my pc...as if i'm never ever..

a friend of mine sent me a link where i could watch movies for free wow! i checked it it out and boy, i'm glued...at least i got something to do for the long weekend.

the first movie i searched of course was Neil Gaiman's Stardust...i'm still quite disappointed as to why it's still not shown here in the Philippine cinemas...not even the trailer...haaay so third world! but then am sort of not that satisfied with the movie. sure, Michelle Pfeifer looks gorgeous in here. Claire Daines and the noobie Charlie Cox look good together. sad to say i barely noticed Sienna Miller, nor Robert de Niro and even Peter o Toole...and yeah, fine, memorable details from the book were changed ayayay! let's see if i'd still want to watch this on the big screen though.

then i saw Ratatouille...totally entertaining!

Because I Said So (Mandy Moore is hot! and Diane Keaton is still gorgeous.)

Goal 2 (so many eyecandies, so-so story)

Ocean's 13 (hmmm...i miss the girls!)

Bourne Ultimatum (not so good copy pa so i didnt finish it as i'd still see people standing up and walking around haha!)

Apocalypto (wow, felt queasy during the entire film i'd almost wanna stop watching it but my niece told me she's seen it so many times over i just had to at least see it once. but yeah, it's a good one even if i had to skip so many gory scenes)

License to Wed (after Apocalypto i knew i just had to watch another feel good movie and what could it be but anything Mandy Moore, so there!)

Black Snake Moon (whoa, Cristina Ricci is half naked in more than a half part of the movie. and there's her steamy sex scene with Justine Timberlake on the first two minutes of the film. I'm sorry but it's kinda hard seeing JT as an actor as i could almost imagine him spontaneously belting out our doing his dance moves hehe...what i recall most though is that Samuel Jackson could actually come out as great sexy blues artist. ;) )

Donnie Darko on youtube (Jake Gyllenhall must be the best thing in this movie and the soundtrack of course)

there, about 10 films in three days..and yeah, i got to jog, had my peds, had a wax session, went to the ukay, read almost halfway through of Laura Esquivel's Malinche, and even watched more of One Tree Hill season 4 and the Wonder Years biography and pilot episode all on youtube.

Hail to the internet and long weekends!

am sorry, i barely even remembered it's supposed to be Ninoy's day..well, bless him na rin


  1. The Stardust trailer was shown when I watched License to Wed. Hehe, parehas tayo Mandy Moore junkie. =)

  2. kelan pinalabas?? waaah Simpsons pa yun last movie ko in cinemas. :D

  3. The trailer was attached to License to Wed. That's the last movie I've seen. Syempre, basta Mandy movie di ko pinalalampas. I'm planning to buy a dibidi too. :D