Sunday, August 19, 2007

football mania

i grew up being exposed to football back in grade school. we used to have a wide enough football field in our school. my earliest crushes were varsity players hehe...i would come home with my shoes pudpod because we'd kick balls before going home...

thus imagine my excitement upon seeing the trailer of Goal 1 in star world...too bad i was not able to watch it in full though.

good enough i got to watch Goal 2 in the internet. it stars Kuno Becker (lemme just say he's hot! hot! hot!) who now gets to play with legendary players as David Beckham and Zinidine Zidane...though the plot is quite shallow and lackluster, you'll get entertained just watching the eyecandies haha!

i'm not quite excited with the third part though, except for the mere fact that i'd like to find out how it ends. but that's just it.

i don't really mind if Xan gets to be a football star one of these days to. whoa!

unfortunately, football stories also remind me of Russell. sigh...


  1. watch goal 1 muna! =D

  2. still looking for the english version eh :-s

  3. Xan a football star? Woohoo if he does! :D I wouldn't mind Isaac being a football star either, although it's kinda funny that his dad doesn't seem to wanna encourage it. I mean, he was football varsity after all, I kinda thought he'd want that for his son too. Hehehe. It'd be great if Xan grew up to be one too!