Sunday, November 18, 2007

ACE is the life!

had the chance to try out the ace water spa this saturday. too bad we couldn't take pictures inside but we did have almost 4 glorious hours of fun and relaxation for but 500 bucks.

it's actually easy to go there getting off from quezon ave mrt station and hailing a cab going to the location in banawe via quezon ave. riding several jeepneys to the place proved quite tricky which is why we ended up hailing a cab which was but 80 bucks anyway.

upon reaching the place, paying, getting our swimming caps, changed into our swimwear and showered ai, karl and i took the time exploring and trying out the different hydromassages. and there were a lot for different pressure points as the foot, buttocks, back, chest. my over all favorite was the one wherein we can lie face down with jets of water falling hard on our backs like rainfall. karl had a fancy time having his b.alls massaged too couldn't quite take being tickled off by the foot massager. and even the ones where she could be massaged on the legs haha!

after about an hour andy joined us and we got to tour him around the place too. we also sampled out the herbal pools with mint, jasmine or lavender scents in varying degrees of hotness. i got quite claustrophobic in the steam room but the sauna was really nice.

andy had fun with the bucket shower and in sampling the heated pools and sauna.

after a couple of hours playing and getting massaged we found ourselves floating around the lazy river. i was able to take a few laps on their lapping pool too. wow, i can still complete one stretch! though i still find freestyle kinda complicated, back and breast strokes are still passable.

the most fun we had must be with the floor fountain where we got to be kids again running around, stepping, sitting on jets of water haha! we even requested for the mushroom shower supposedly just for kids to be turned on. darn, really too bad we couldn't get pics inside.

we didn't finish the 4 hours actually as we were already starved and was talking greatly about what to order at our dinner in mr. kababs in quezon corner west avenues. we were given a complimentary bowl of soup upon leaving the spa which was a bit enough to provide us some strength while we queued up for our table in Kabab's where more friends joined us for a dinner of korma, keema, pita bread and glen's libre of yogurt drinks .

we capped off our gimmick with a mucho mug in quattro along timog, some sisig and bibingka. yey! another great time with the kaladkarins!

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