Wednesday, November 07, 2007

rant or rave??

maybe my boss is reading my blog alright.

when we were in davao i kinda suggested that we should have our RnR out of the country especially with all this cheapo airfare promos going around...we were thinking of HK-Macau or Sing-KL or even Xiamen...

i haven't used my passport in years and my recently renewed one is still clean so i figured i should charm my way into getting an all expense paid trip.

i still have unredeemed mileage from PAL but an ultimately free trip should be way better, right??!

well, before my boss left for the US this monday, i asked him again about it and said "ikaw na nga bahala. basta gusto ko dun sa malamig"

so he whipped out his PDA and checked his sked and said he'll block out jan. 28 onwards for the trip.

so just about now i'm sort of doing my research for a possible itinerary. we've already decided on Sing-KL and is just finalizing everything and i have to make proper bookings and ticket purchase before he comes back lest he changes his mind wahaha!

why i'm thinking about ranting? because i've already set my mind on filing my resignation just about that time but with this sudden turn of event how do you think can i?. LOL


  1. Heehee, don't file that resignation just yet! :P Ooops, could the boss be reading this?

  2. hahahaha!!

    i so hope not! =)

  3. The resignation could wait naman. ;)