Thursday, November 22, 2007


been tinkering with this new toy for a couple of days now. uhm, i don't really know much about computers anyway but am just truly amazed with this one.

yes, it's the ASUS EEE PC. it's only been out for a few months now and is supposedly sold at the US for $200-$300 depending on the specs. we got this one for P17,999 at 4 gig hard drive, 512 mb ram...there's not much memory capacity in there but i've got my flash disks and memory cards anyway.

it has a 7 inch screen but with pre-installed open office for documents, firefox for web browsing, pidgin for instant messaging and skype (yes, it has a built in webcam!).

i've tried viewing my pictures, listening to my mp3s, even played solitaire, tetris and sudoku hehe...i still don't know how to play the rest of the games. and i have yet to try out it's wi-fi connection. i'm still finding some way how to access it here in the campus.

yes, it's just as big as my book. i just heard though that an MS Windows version will be out late this year. this one, though compatible with windows XP is still powered by linux xandros. friends tell me though that linux is actually safer against virus attacks. hmm, we'll see, we'll see. this unit is not mine though as I got this for the office, but i'll be using this just the same bwahahaha!


  1. wow..ur laptop's cool..astig..

    :P jst droppin you some chronicles..

  2. yeba!

    thanks for droppin by..will look up on your chronicles soon. ;)