Friday, November 02, 2007

off to surfland..

not that am an expert...i don't even know exactly what i'd do there. yeah, i've tried skimboarding a couple of times years ago but i'm not really that an expert in these things. i have a really poor sense of balance. dang, i don't even know how to ride a bike! haha!

but i'm going just the same if only to be able to tell myself years from now that i've done these things yi-ha! and there's the beach! i just hope i won't get jelly-fish-ed. yikes! or get injured. or whatever.

i really just want to enjoy this one. at least enjoy the road trip. have fun in the company of new people. bask in the warmth of november sun. and hopefully get a glimpse (and pics too!) of the sunset.

then after this maybe i could finally try go white river rafting in Kalinga...

or bungee jump off the Macau tower...

or skyjump over Georgia...

and all those dreamy stuff i want to do before i reach 40! (yeah, tumaas na ang age limit wahehe)

whoever said this life is boring??

come join the fun!

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