Thursday, March 27, 2008

bumped off!

I somehow had the fortune of being bumped off from my early morning flight today. I was prepared to report to the office by noon but the free round trip ticket I could get for volunteering was just too enticing to pass up.

besides waiting for another four hours for my eventual flight was not really that bad especially after having gone through several delayed flights from cebu pac already hehe.

I wasn't that a bit worried, I still didn't have any word about our new budget being approved yet thus I didn't think there's anything urgent to be done in the office anyway.

and I had my mp3s and my eee pc with me. and what more, my friend, Sugar, just saved a copy of the movie Love in the Time of Cholera in my pc. =)

I was more than excited to just sit and watch it first.

I know I have a copy of the book somewhere among my college textbooks but I don't really remember reading it. must be that Marquez's books were mostly thick and with minute letters at that.

ahihihi...i've to say I was a bit kilig as I watched the movie, I was almost oblivious that i was enjoying amidst the busy CDO airport with passengers from different flights arriving and leaving.

the film is just so rich with visuals it almost looks like some Spanish painting come alive. Florentino's prose and poetry were so moving i'd almost feel the tears well up if only for the crowd around me.

for more than 2 hours i've been held captive by my 7 inch screen. i'm wondering how most wonderful this must be to be viewed on the widescreen.

and the ultra sensual shakira who's singing most of the OST adds up to its over all passion and depth.


i've to admit I kinda left the home early this morning with quite a heavy heart. I haven't really accomplished anything and there were just more issues and concerns faced that I felt I didn't really had any vacation at all. the only consolation I have is that Xan got well finally. he was really sick when I arrived and it was just too great a relief that his cough and colds were gone, he was running around everywhere again and has been eating left and right as if wanting to just make up for all those missed meals.

nothing matters now really but seeing Xan up and about once more. let the adults take care of themselves and their issues. Xan is ok. that's all that matters. =)

our family has had a lot of better/happier days anyway. we will see brighter sunshinier times in the days to come. i'll just have to focus on the yellows and the oranges instead of gloomy grays and dark ones. muchos gracias.

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