Tuesday, March 04, 2008

to gym or not to gym

my friend, ron has been asking me to try out the gym again as it's but a short walk from where i'm staying. i told him i'll just jog instead libre pa. besides he said that there's really not much hot, young men to ogle on anyway so wag na lang siguro. but then again i haven't really jogged for a long time either. i believe i got so tired after our KL-Sg but of course that was more than a month ago! i really don't have any excuse now except that i had a tooth extracted a week ago and had my period recently...so tamad noh, andaming excuses. i just know that i have to lift my butt up and exercise once more especially since i've been eating nothing but junk food lately.

was supposed to have dinner with ron at cravings today, i've been thinking and salivating on the all green salad i could have at the salad bar and maybe get a healthier herbed chicken meal. kaso na-injan ako ni ron waaah! or maybe i forgot to commit that i could make it later and i can't text him as wala akong load pala. i don't wanna go out just to buy a call card, i don't wanna call my mom naman just for pasaload hehe...oh well, i hope he's just fine wherever he is. so here i am having pancit canton and tuna omelet and crackers for dinner instead. ang healthy no?!

i haven't been out and walking lately save for those times when friends would call me and we'd meet up for dinner and drinks. kaso those are never healthy especially since i've gotten this weird cravings for sweet stuff with my beer like pancakes and bibingkas and chocolates and turons! yeah, only in the Pilipins, only with me!

and here i am complaining about all the fat that wouldn't want to leave my butt and has been happily clinging on to my waistline. and i even have the sheer audacity to browse on multiply sites that ply all these yummy looking swimsuits. yummy, the swimsuits yeah, just take me out off it wahehe...

but then again where's the harm in eyeing on all of them and working out at least in my mind huh! shouldn't that be enough to prepare me for summer?

speaking of...i will have my kinda early vacation next week for the holy week! i will be going home again! home to my mom's kitchen. eyng! just the thought of staying a week long at our home with my mom cooking every now and then is bliss but oh..it let's my sight out of those yummy bikinis once more. awww...and yes, even if it's the holy week, there's no such thing as fasting in our home. there won't be any meat dish but we'll have fish and veggies, and suman, and biko and ginataan instead haha! oh well, i can always compensate it by running around and/or carrying Xan instead yey!

oh well, i'm never a Juday fan, but i'm thinking though if maybe, just maybe i could try out that product she's currently endorsing. *sigh*

that swimsuit photo is courtesy of chiggy, sana bigyan niya ako ng discount.


  1. I also want to jog again so I can go back to mountain climbing. Ako naman, I want to gain weight. I'm back to 90 lbs. again after the stress I've gotten from work lately. You'll get to see Xan soon, good for you! =)

  2. i hope to jog again soon, maybe later. sana wag tamarin. wow, 90 lbs? last ako nag 90 lbs was like 10 years ago na hehe...