Friday, March 14, 2008

why, oh why??!

taxi fares from cdo airport to the bus station and vice versa has always been my major complain. i do go home 3-4 or even more times a year and each time they'd charge me about 300-400 each trip. wow, that's even more than my fare from katip to the manila airport.

and each time i'd tell them i'm but a student and i don't really have that much cash with me so i'd bargain for at least 250.

this morning, upon arriving at the cdo airport, i approached a police officer before i hailed a cab and asked him where i could get metered cabs, he directed me to the ones queueing nearby, he then gave me a sheet of paper where i could input infos/complaints in case the driver will overcharge me.

i sort of waved my paper to the driver and asked him to use his meter which he did. while on the way though he asked me if i could give him dagdag for the fare and started whining about how gas prices are so expensive, he had to pay airport fees, etc...i lacked sleep, my head was throbbing and i don't really wanna hear anyone else complaining other than me, right? he asked for at least 300. i just said i'll see about that.

upon arriving at my destination the meter only read 140...i gave him 200. weeeh!

i got his number though, it's 09104772297. told him bawi ako when i get back na lang .do text him in case you're in cdo and would need a lift to wherever. he even offered to take me to iligan for 1500 kaso duh wala naman akong bitbit na mabigat na bag. besides wala akong 1500!! hehe...

at least, i'm home with Xan now!

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