Friday, April 25, 2008


i've gotten the bug once more. i've been sniffing and sneezing for a few days now and my head is just so heavy to carry around. if only i could take it off sometimes and leave it someplace for a while eh.

i blame it all on the heat and the dust and those endless trips to the malls for stuff for my little home. i've been to megamall twice, to shopwise and sm cubao. and sm city then walked all the way to trinoma only to find myself boarding the mrt to get me to ortigas megamall once more.

i've long been searching for a black balde hehehe.

why black? because i just got myself a black soapdish, small basin and a tabo. and i remember texting my sister to bring me a black towel set as well. hehe..sorry, i've pictured out what my bathroom's gonna look like so i can't just get a pail of any color and "destroy" the effect all together.

oh well, the excitement must have made so tired i had to rest a couple of days with my sniffles.

and while on this i got news that most of my products needed for our area promotions might be delayed meaning our trips will be delayed too.

yes, i've got some vested interest that i got really sad i might not be able to hit the beach (on a sidetrip) sooner than i planned.

haay, just the same, i still like to say see you real soon, bantayan!


  1. I've had the same emotions trying to get the right ambiance for my apartment that I share with a roommate. Siya kasi nag-decorate ng 90% of it. E, feeling ko minsan tuloy boarder lang ako sa apartment...

    oh wait...

    i mean, hindi ako kahati sa apartment. So one day, I just decided to put my own touch into the apartment, adding a little here and there, and I couldn't find a friggin' end table to complement the interior. I searched in Target, Walmart and other stores, but no luck. I was thinking of going farther, to an Ikea branch. But walang time (and energy, hehehehe) to go far just to get a piece of wood.

    Anyway, so there, the apartment's still not complete. I guess I'll have to keep on looking na lang and sana swertehin na may makita.

  2. haha thanks, i'm not alone. yeah, sometimes when you're too tired you'd want to opt to settle for whatever is available but then it just doesn't fit in. and it could be an eyesore if you see it everyday so better leave it blank for now till you find the perfect piece. ;)