Saturday, April 05, 2008

a semi-charmed life indeed

i'm at peace. and i just want to relish every single moment of it.

i still have a lot of concerns to take care of but gladly they are not enough to overpower this immense feeling of peace and contentment that's emanating my being right at this very moment.

i'm supposed to join a group of friends today for some saturday night fun but due to some circumstances brought about by my own carelessness, i could not. i was a bit restless having to stay here all weekend long but i realize there's really nothing much to worry about.

my friends will always be there anyway. and there's still the fun, fun summer we could all look forward to in the days to come. yey!

and also, i'm expecting to move on soon. yup, not move out as where i am is but a transitory place for me. i've been overstaying in fact and i just know that it's about time that i finally get back on my own two feet again.

and though the prospect of having to pay more bills, of not having a 24-hour internet connection, phone line, and being in a new neighborhood may all seem daunting, i am actually looking forward to this new adventure.

yeah, let's just enjoy life and never lose that sense of wonder in everything that we encounter.

and oh, i've been listening heavily to smashing pumpkins, third eye blind and dashboard confessional lately as though time is counting down fast, i do miss you immensely every single day.

talon talon weee!


  1. Good for you! And yihee on the last part. =)

  2. hehehe thanks, daiz! ;)