Friday, October 24, 2008

catch me if you can!

Oct. 26-28: Tagbilaran, Bohol
Oct. 28-31: Dumaguete

Nov. 3-5: Cebu
Nov. 5-7: Iloilo

Nov. 10-14: Batanes

Nov. 19-24: Macau-HK

Nov. 30: Tagaytay (office Christmas Party)

Dec. 3-6: Vigan

Dec. 10: Iligan (maybe)

tinatamad ako just looking at my sched...yeah it looks really exciting but the logistics is pretty much killing me. there are hotels to look for and book, schedules of contacts to fix, transpo routes to research for. sometimes i wish these were scattered all throught the year with ample intervals in between just for me to catch my breath, and yeah pack and unpack my bags.

what keeps me excited though are the people i will be interviewing in this project, yey! in bohol it will be the founder/trainer of the loboc boys choir. i've already played it my mind how we could let the boys sing while cruising along the loboc river. the visuals are just too good aww. and i'm expecting to cry once more hearing the stories of these little boys and most of all the their founder ala Alessandra de Rossi's Munting Tinig.

over in Dumaguete, we might have to scale the mountains again as the nominee is a forest ranger. i hope there's a ceasefire in those areas right now wehehe. the last time i went there a crossfire ensued among the militaries and some of our "friends" there that classes were suspended for days. good luck!

i'm no longer that excited with cebu really, it looks just like manila anyway. but we'll be meeting a young furniture designer who's been to australia for a while but came back and opened his business in the country. he's known to have trained and given jobs to most of his neighbors in the community, let's see, let's see.

i still dunno who i'm interviewing in iloilo, babasahin ko pa hehehe.

in batanes, i'm really just a salingketket...this is my officemate's area and i just "volunteered" to help him out wehehehe. it's my first time to go there, yey! i just hope the weather will permit us to go. the locals say it will soon be "winter" in batanes and that means it will be too cold and winds harsher that it could topple even the jeepneys that would be cruising the island. awooo!

as with Macau and Hongkong, i've actually prepared the itinerary already haha! i even have the budget estimates for each day. i'm that OC with my travels, i want each aspect covered, each destination researched. though i know so well that itineraries are rarely religiously followed, it at least makes me more secured especially when in some place for the first time. i'm expecting a lot of walking and sightseeing, at least for once i won't be working here.

then december will just breeze by pretty quickly. i still haven't decided whether i'll go home earlier except if there are still more activities that i'd need to go to here. i have to be back earlier this January as my sked is still full. oh well.

happy holidays in advance then haha!


  1. that sounds pretty much like a great job..all that travelling.. :-) how was dumaguete?

  2. hello! you don't know me but I'm from PEX, I go to Iloilo a lot and I think we'll be crossing schedules. So I was thinking that if you might want to hang out over there then I'm up for it :)

    you can email me at if you're interested :)

  3. hi Miss Sonia, will be in dumaguete this wed, we'll let you know of any stories. do drop by my blog often. i'll look up your blog as well. =)

    Karl, may i know your pex name? thanks for droppin by too!

  4. I'm Rastamataz on PEX :)