Tuesday, October 14, 2008

did you know that...

there is such a thing as gourmet tuyo?

yes! i chanced upon this at some deli near my place and since i've been trying so hard to stay away from processed foods and anything salty or sweet or fatty i didn't bother to take a second look. but this morning when i dropped by the deli again i got too intrigued and read its ingredients, and oh, it's supposed to be swimming in olive oil naman pala so it should be healthy eh? best of all it has no more kaliskis anymore which i don't really like from any fish.

i tried one today and i've to say it is pretty good especially with rice and kamatis. yun nga lang napapadami ang kain ko haaay.

i've put on some weight the past days pero ok lang, next week na ako mgda-diet. hihihi.

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  1. basta pagkain, everything should be tried at least once ....

    unless you really don't want to