Monday, October 06, 2008

nurturing my animus

i spent my Sunday night to early morning of Monday watching the Godfather trilogy.

wow, i knew those were good films but i've somehow forgotten how great they were. i have fallen in love with the Corleones all over again and though there were instances when i would flinch everytime those morbid killings where shown, i've to say i must have shed tears on countless scenes already.

and i just finished Donnie Brasco...and there's gonna be more as there's still Goodfellas, Scarface, and a few more in this dibidi hehehe.


i finally got my file of Metallica's Death Magnetic, great thanks to Sef and to Karl.

i have yet to listen to it over and over again and let it grow on me but i have to say it's still the same Metallica i was crazy with years ago.

it's still the same blend of noise i remember from Enter Sandman, and hearing James Hetfield softly lament " How can I be lost? If I've got nowhere to go?" i know it's still the good old Metallica that's definitely back in circulation.

darn, i am missing my old Black album which is still in cassette tape haha!


pretty crazy though, i tend to feel more nostalgic and teary-eyed than masculine having indulged in some things.

maybe i'm just really getting old and is only remembering my old interests and hobbies. or it's just that i'm still but every inch a girl after all wehehe...

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