Monday, August 10, 2009

amidst a sea of yellows

...were specks of blues and greens each one yelling their rah-rahs for their team.

i could not relay to you all the technical terms but the entire time that we were in araneta just before 5 PM up to the end of the game at past 8pm was a real torture for me. i was closing my eyes most of the time in full suspense. i preferred staring at the score box with my fingers crossed instead of focusing on what's happening on court. lol.

we were behind up to the third quarter, keeping up or scoring a point or two once in a while but the three point scores from the other team which we thought almost came from nowhere proved to be utter surprises.

i wanted to go home in the middle of the game because the suspense was just killing me. it was almost stressfull!

i even heard some guys near me who were telling each other that they'd leave by 4th quarter in case things would still not change for the better.

imagine our frustration when the the score tied as the time buzzed off haha!

i was already composing in my mind what i was gonna say in case we did lose, that maybe it's Tita Cory's way of telling us to be humble at all times. that we could falter and can't be great all the time.

we just amused ourselves by screaming funny yells as "do it for Jiggy! do it for Kris!" if only to distract ourselves from nervousness and the anxiety of possibly losing the game.

phew, imagine our roars of glee and approval and relief when the overtime ended and we were still leading at 4 points. phew indeed!

this is my second game seen live which we've won. I'm so glad Tsak's lucky streak is still raging on hehehe....

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