Friday, August 07, 2009

rained on in boracay

(july 31-aug. 2, 2009)

this is what boracay is like on sunny, summery days.

this is what greeted us when we went there last weekend, just when Typhoon Jolina raged in the country.

the cold gusty winds and rain showers though didn't deter the tourists from enjoying nature.

frolicking on the beach was still deemed enjoyable in spite of the challenges of having to keep one's balance when the waves start rushing in.

the fishes in the the ocean didn't disappoint though.

our boatmen never stopped boasting about the possibility of us having to meet Dory, Nemo and friends, and yes we sure did! (not in the photo though hehe)

otherwise we spent most of our time eating, having coffee, drinking, and eating again...and yes partying till morning!

i sure hoped we had a better weather especially for most of my friends who went there for the first time. but what the heck, we still had a great time.


  1. I must make it a point to go back to Manila for Boracay.

  2. sure! let me know so i can help you out with arrangements. ;)