Thursday, August 06, 2009

Nine Inch Nails in Manila

I did post it here in my calendar event!

so thank you, thank you Andrea for sharing with us your Patron tickets! otherwise we might have missed it altogether. *sniff*

i arrived pretty late to the concert because of some shower mishap haha! but we did got there on time before they actually started playing...but oh so sorry that we missed Pupil. Eden would have killed me had she been there wehehehe....

i was psych-ing myself up that Trent Reznor may not be as hot anymore since he's aged most considerably. i remember seeing an older Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind last year and can't help but exclaim how most of my favorite acts have gotten old already waah!

but surprise, surprise! Trent was still as hot as ever even more buff than i remember him (naks, close!).

here's the complete set list which i got from pinoyexchange:

somewhat damaged
terrible lie
march of the pigs
the becoming
i'm afraid of americans
gave up
la mer
the fragile
non entity
gone, still
downward spiral
mr. self destruct
the day the world went away
dead souls
hand that feeds
head like a hole

yes, they did play Closer! i heard they rarely perform this in their shows. and i could not help but scream my heart out when they did Dead Souls! i had it recorded but i was jumping and singing and shouting about that the video quality must be really poor hehehe...

i particularly appreciated the fact that they didn't attempt to play chummy with the audience like regaling us with Tagalog words they've picked up or saying how beautiful the Philippines or Filipinas are which i believe is too pretentious anyway.

the crowd was pretty tamed yet i'm sure most of us enjoyed and got infected with the band's energy. kudos as well to the blinding lights onstage and the resounding acoustics inside the coliseum. such a rock on night indeed!

oh just some trvia, Trent Reznor is rumored to have had more than friendship with Tori Amos. he's now engaged though to a Filipina who is a vocalist for another rock band, so i won't be surprised in case we get to see him in the country every now and then yi-ha! haha!

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