Friday, June 01, 2007


Tagbilaran, Bohol--this is my usual kind of trip...bein beachy, yeah!

Bohol has always been a great place for me to go to especially for summer. they've got a lot of attractions from the chocolate hills, the loboc river, the tarsiers and yes of course, the beaches!!!

not to mention that Bohol happens to have one of my fave organized group of past recipients of our project. they are always the most active, the most accommodating. their last project i heard was a gift giving program for their inmates last Christmas, and yeah, they did it in their own initiative. how i wish most of our other organized groups are that self-sufficient.

we were able to meet them again this time and as usual they treated us to lunch at the dak's and gam's farm, who's owner happens to be one of our winners. they then took us to the bohol beach club for that longed for sun and sea soaking...great people indeed! :D

and of course, i'd always come back for more.


  1. Pwede ba tayo mag exchange muna ng trabaho kahit 3d/2n lang? hehe Lugi ka ata, dami ko anak!

  2. hahaha! pde rin, so i know what it likes to be in someone else's life and house...pang reality TV.