Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a halloween affair

Xan is on his way to his first ever halloween party at jollibee this saturday. i would have wanted him to go as Ju-on, what with but a heavy face powder on and just his diapers, tipid di ba?! he would have looked cute as a pumpkin too but the theme is supposed to be magical forest so it has to be something , err, magical. i suggested for the cutesy Pagaspas look but my bro said it's so kapuso hehe. so they scoured SM CDO today and found this costume:

see, what a cutesy, handsome lil prince we got!

have fun my dear Xan!! :D


  1. Abah, gala ulit sa Jabi ang munting prinsipe! Enjoy trick-or-treatin' XanXan!