Friday, August 08, 2008

nasaan na ang boston creme ko??!!!

have you seen this latest dunkin donuts commercial?

was pretty feeling down today. blame it on my selfishness, my own childish nature. yup. i'd most often like to believe that the world still revolves around me. and there are some things that i want and want it right away.

when i would go home for a vacation back then, i was almost always out of the house. i was always with my friends that i'd seldom get to be with my family.

one time my brother just texted me while he was out and i was on that rare moment at home,

"nasa bahay ka ba? kung dadalhan kita ng dunkin donut hindi ka na ba lalabas? "

yup, even at about 20 then i still get bribes haha!

to which i replied, " sige, boston creme please."

when my brother got home, he did brought with him a boxful of donuts. but woe to me there was no boston creme. apparently it was out of stock much to my dismay.

a few moments after that, i got a message from my friends to hang out for the night. i hastily prepared myself and went out. before i got out though, my bro called out,

"bakit ka lalabas dinalhan kita ng donuts ah!"

"eh wala naman boston creme eh!" and hurriedly fled off with a laugh.

buti my brother just shrugged it off na lang hehe.

oh well, yeah, i am revealing a lot of myself with this post. but yup, i've lived independently for more than 14 years now and yes, i do get to allow myself to be childish, utterly dependent sometimes.

well, extreme independence can only be a defense mechanism sometimes especially when you're all alone and have no other choice but to take care of one's self, right?

but sometimes, just sometimes, it does feel good that somehow there is also someone who you could depend on at some given time. just sometimes at least.

so nasaan na ang boston creme ko???!!!!

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