Monday, August 18, 2008

rice crisis

bumili ako ng rice cooker hoping mas makakatipid ako this way. instead of buying 2 cups of rice everyday for like 20 bucks magluluto na lang ako at least once every two days at magbaon na lang ng rice. mas tipid kung feel ko mag diet at 1 cup per day na lang kakainin ko.

i was at the grocery store this morning though hoping to buy rice only to be faced with a shelf full of several varieties. there's dinorado, sinandomeng, milagrosa, jasmine, some other from thailand and japan, there's brown rice and even some basmati.

so is there any rice expert out there who could sort of orient us with these different varieties?

back home we'd buy Youngmaster's rice. but i don't really know if it is the brand name or the variety. i couldn't find it anywhere here in the grocery or at the sari sari store near my place.

what are the differences anyway?

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