Thursday, December 04, 2008

city econo inn-hk

i'd like to call it divine intervention...

just bef0re we checked out at macau, i asked our concierge to write our HK hotel address in Chinese characters so i can just hand it to our taxi driver. he had to call the hotel and i had to pay another 21 hkd for it and i was told that there was no reservation under my name. hmm, i panicked a bit when i remember that i failed to give my complete name when i reserved for our room via email.

the entire time that we were on the ferry boat to hk i was praying really hard that hopefully, miss jenny, the owner remembered me. or if there was indeed no reservation then hopefully i could have another room asap. i hate travel booboos really and would really feel bad about myself if ever there's one especially with how obsessed i could get in planning out itineraries. i was hoping i'd have any internet connection in Macau so i could have finalized our reservation details but it was pretty hard communicating with people who couldn't speak english that well.

i was praying too that we could have a good enough taxi driver.

well anyway, we got to HK and thankfully we did got a good taxi driver, in fact i even owe him a few dollars since he didn't have any loose change for my 100hkd. our meter read 16 hkd but i only had 10hkd then and my 100hkd. he took the 10hkd saying he's got no other change. i felt so ashamed of myself hihihi. kung dito sa Pilipinas yan, nakow! as if papayag ang drayber, hmpf!

oh, and we did see miss jenny at the backdoor of the hotel. we actually entered the wrong door but she was there because the elevator that day needed to be fixed. and although she didn't get my name, she did remember that two Filipinas we're checking in that day and even recited my mobile number which was on my email signature, yey!

fortunately they also sell discounted disney tickets and even exchanged our money both US dollars and our remaining Macau patacas, too convenient indeed!

there's free wifi too and the place is really nice, clean and cozy. nice, nice place that i miss it already!

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