Tuesday, December 16, 2008

fengshui please?

i couldn't help but smile at the security guard in Bo's Coffee here in katip when i passed by tonight. after all i was in a festive mood as i shivered from the cold Christmas air. i also felt delighted that at last after having been closed for the past three weeks, Bo's Coffee Shop is now once again open for business.

flashback to three weeks ago, i was so surprised when i saw the then closed coffee shop with it's glass walls smashed and most of its interiors destroyed. i asked the guard in there as to what happened and learned that a truck rammed on the store hitting some parked cars, breaking the glass walls and injuring some customers in the process.

it instantly hit me that maybe this store really just needs to get fengshui-d. bo's coffee is only here in katip for barely four years but it has been a victim of hold ups more than twice already and now this accident.

back in the 90's (yeah, i'm that old haha!), this was the site for Bun on the Run and later The Barn which was then managed by celebrity couple Mariz and Ronnie Ricketts. i later heard that the management was turned over to someone else but sales still didn't pick up till it closed shop.

i love this Bo's Coffee, it has to be the biggest one i've been to at three storeys and the most homey as well. the ones i've been to in Cebu and Bacolod were mostly kiosks and not even as cozy. i love the idea that they serve breakfast all day long haha! such a delight for a late sleeper that i am.and there's free wifi for every cup of coffee that you order.

oh well, i really hope that nothing untoward will happen to them anymore. it has been quite sad passing through their store the past days with all it's lights unlit.

i'm just glad they are back in business now.

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