Tuesday, December 23, 2008

getting ready for christmas

i am finally done with my christmas shopping and had them wrapped a while ago. it was exhilarating cramming and feeling the christmas rush once more and feeling that our peace and order situation has seemingly improved. i guess for us Christians, not even bomb threats could dampen our holiday spirit.

the past days i've noticed how much trash like old newspapers and plastic shopping bags are being kept around our house so i used them to wrap my gifts. eh, i feel like i don't wanna spend anymore on wrappers which they will just tear and throw away anyway.

yeah, crisis na crisis ang itsura, parang basura din lang. but have you seen that news clip about some gift wrapping service in London? the uglier the gift wrapping is the better, the logic really is that it being ugly makes it more realistic and personally done. ika nga, labor of love . besides, it's the content and the thought that counts na nga di ba?

and here's a look at our tree this time in orange...

all lit up:

we have prepared for our orange outfits tomorrow too. i hope everyone in the family can wear them, or at least some similar color. we have made this as some tradition for us to wear the same color during christmas eve.

and yeah, my toe nails are in light orange too. overkill!

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