Wednesday, December 10, 2008

freakin survivor!

crap! crap! crap!

i just read in some forum that GMA will have this Boto ng Bayan thing for the selection of the final winner for Survivor Philippines.

i've been fearing for this text votes thing from the start but i didn't want to air it out hoping they would stay truthful to the original one..but waaah! i'm so freakin disappointed.

i'm guessing that this might just be GMA's way for damage control over that idiot who posted the name of the winner in his/her blog and spoiled everyone big time.

i'm okay with the spoiled winner getting the title, he totally deserves it. leche lang talaga ang nag spoil na yun.

ggrrrr! i felt bad enough having been spoiled but this current move of GMA is just plain crap. putangina!!!!

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