Thursday, December 18, 2008

my own starbucks story

well, i believe most of us got their own stories to tell and i just thought about this when i was going through my blogposts.

in april of 2007 i wrote this:

Single thoughts:

was sitting long at starbucks watching at people pass by, looking at couples more specifically when i started asking myself:

M: why can't i ever find a regular guy like these girls found theirs??

Me-too: you're not a regular girl. you can't be with a regular guy.


a few weeks after that though, i met someone along with a group of friends at starbucks 6750, of all places.

and things were never the same again.

and indeed he is not any other regular guy. hihihi.

well this year i decided to get me that red starbucks planner that they are offering.

i'm not that much into planners but as soon as i saw the red one i knew i've got to have it. maybe it's about time that i get used to writing on a pen and paper once more and hopefully improve my penmanship.

and red, red, is so red as red can be because it reminds me of life and that corny, icky, ewwie feeling of being in love once again. yiheee! hahaha!

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  1. i recently attended a wedding in tagaytay. their giveaways were starbucks stubs-you can avail of one drink of choice in starbucks. why? because what started as a chanced breakfast in starbcks(they were officemates) became a regular thing and ended with a wedding... inspiring right?!!