Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grandpa's Inn-Vigan

i went back to Vigan this month with my family and this time we stayed at Grandpa's Inn. I discovered this place when i was doing my research on places to eat and chanced upon someone else's blog about how good their food was.

we went there with my friends last summer for dinner and indeed the food was great! it was cheap too especially with their exceptional service and cozy ambiance. my apologies as i don't have pictures of their food since they were wiped out before we remembered to take shots haha!

we stayed at the calesa room which was truly unique in itself having 2 calesa beds and one double bed and could accommodate up to 4 people.

there was free wifi in the rooms too. and the staff were very helpful and courteous.

i will surely miss this place. we had such a great time during our stay there.

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