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2008 according to my blogs...

...and why i prefer to just stay grateful and not ask for anything more anymore.

Same rule as last year, copy and paste the first paragraph of your first blog entry for the month of January to December 2008 also put corresponding pictures from your 2008 albums.

JANUARY: lagnat-laki

Xan and i are currently not feeling so well. blame it on our endless trips to the stores and eating and walking out in spite of the rains.

FEBRUARY: missing KL

yeah, i actually miss the place.

i knew all the research and planning for the itinerary made me quite dizzy and unexcited for a bit but arriving at the city all bustling and crowded awakened the wanderlust in me.

MARCH: lustful thoughts

i am currently lusting on these...

APRIL: a semi-charmed life indeed

i'm at peace. and i just want to relish every single moment of it.

i still have a lot of concerns to take care of but gladly they are not enough to overpower this immense feeling of peace and contentment that's emanating my being right at this very moment.

MAY: dreamy

i've gotten the bug once more. i've been sniffing and sneezing for a few days now and my head is just so heavy to carry around. if only i could take it off sometimes and leave it someplace for a while eh.

JUNE: wanting for more

they say a grand vacation should be enough to satisfy all those longings you've had in life. when you're all weary and tired from our day to day issues we can't help but dream of going away and just frolic in the sun or even the rain.

JULY: unjinxed!

i had initial misgivings about watching this game, after all it's been years since i saw one live. and in those few games that i've seen our team has always lost. i've thought that watching our team losing over and over again has told me to just stop watching it live. there's more comfort in watching it on tv anyway with replays and comments most especially about technicalities and all. yeah right!

AUGUST: regressions

woke up feeling this great longing for some things utterly familiar to my system. i missed my mama's champorado with coconut milk which she usually serves on cold rainy days as this. and the endless chatterings with my young nieces and nephews. or just the smell of my old sheets and good old homecooking wafting in the air.

SEPTEMBER: good old bacolod

i've always loved this place. i once said to myself that i don't mind relocating and living here for good. its local charms, its serenity has always made me feel at home and at peace. it helps a lot too that my father came from the area. most of my relatives are still here enjoying their own piece of heaven.

OCTOBER: nurturing my animus

i spent my Sunday night to early morning of Monday watching the Godfather trilogy.

NOVEMBER: ilog, dagat, bundok, lawa

Oct. 26-31, 2008
Bohol-Dumaguete, Philippines

ako ay isang tunay na saksi! mayaman nga ang ating bansa sa kalikasan. naman, wala pang isang linggo nalibot ko ang iba't ibang anyo ng kalikasan. wahoo!

DECEMBER: around Hongkong in 4 days!

i was not too excited with this trip at first. the last time i went to HK was in sunny, summery July a few years back and it was really hot. we weren't able to go around much that time too because i was working thus HK didn't leave that much of a good impression on me.


looking back, i don't really want to complain anymore. i realized i have been to four countries this year and had more exciting places visited once or even twice around the country. there were no major set backs really. and Xan is growing up into a more gorgeous little boy each day.

life has been good. and i still feel so blessed. THANK YOU!


i just want to be richer and healthier rthis year. but with how much of a wanderlust i am, i don't really know how to attain that.


i can't think of any great pet peeve this year except for that of MISS GANDA, clueless? how about singing payong, payong, eh, eh....

putanginga eh, eh mo yang sarili mo!!!

i mean please, when you're supposed to be that talentado then go make your own songs, sheesh!


i was crazy of Up Dharma Down's Bipolar album this year, along with Metallica's Death Magnetic and Portishead's Third.

i discovered Haruki Murukami's books and cried over the stories by Khaled Hosseini.

of all the countries i've been to, it's Macau that i love the most.

and i just learned how to make banofee pie, yey!


my heart is still uber red as ever ahihihi.


okay, i gained weight this holidays but i was able to slip back into my size 24 jeans last summer yey! and i'll just work for that again in the next few weeks hehe.


and Xan at barely three can now recite his ABCs and count from 1-10 and sing basic nursery rhymes, sing and dance to Taktak and distinguish his Mama, from Mommy and Mamang and Mamay, and meow-meow haha!


Life is good.

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