Sunday, January 11, 2009

perhaps my dancing days are over...

got home almost 5am this morning from some dinner/drinks/dancing/coffee with great friends. after some riotous dinner and drinks at pier one at the fort some of us trooped down to metrowalk for more action. we ended up at elbow room where some of us had a couple of rounds of billiards while we took pics just about everywhere.

and when some of us decided to call it a night, a few of us stayed for some partying at decades. the place was teeming with kids, i could barely breath from the smoke and i truly hated the hiphop/rnb music.

okay, for some little bit of history (okay, like a decade ago), i used to be a constant fixture on the dance floor hihi. i'd go crazy over night outs that involved booze, great dancing lights and music, and a dance floor regardless if it's that wide or cramped. oh well, the cramper the better actually. sometimes my friends or even my brother would have to pull me away once i start dancing with strangers girls or boys wehehe...because in actuality, i don't really care who i dance with. out there on the dance floor, it's really just me and the music and that heady feeling of moving and swaying with the music.

i've had my fill of dancing on ledges and on top of the chairs and tables. i remember going up to some table in streetlife-makati just to be able to face the band and dance with them...wehehe...i've got equally dancer-ous friends and company as well. there was this one time at dencio's near abs-cbn when a waiter approached us when we started dancing near our tables, bawal daw kasi resto iyun at hindi disco! eh bakit naman kasi nagpapatugtog ng danceable hits!

we used to call it "going to the disco" now they call it "clubbing" or "partying". but you know what, it's still the same thing. people gyrating and bumping bodies with their partners or with strangers, breathing the same smoke that's wafting in the air. swaying to the same moves from years back. and moving with some remixes that sounds just the same anyway eek!

oh well, maybe i could have appreciated it more had they play house/techno music. i can't stomach the likes of mariah, rihanna, beyonce, etc. really. sorry.

i've to admit though that some bones in me did shiver in excitement as soon as i stepped into the floor once more. it's like coming home but it's not really the same thing anymore. malabo, pero basta yun. baka kasi tumatanders na lang talaga ako.

speaking's my only birthday pics which was taken from my camphone. lecheng holdaper iyun, sana naman i upload niya birthday pics ko para i grab ko na lang.

with my banoffe pie and xan's birthday candle hehe...

belated habeerday to me!

great thanks to everyone who sent their messages via texts, ym, emails, friendster, multiply messages. for the calls and hugs and kisses and gifts and prayers and everything nice. i know i'll be okay because i'll always have all of you anyway. mwah!

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