Sunday, April 26, 2009

for the love of Anoop

it was a bit painful watching the AI replay today. Anoop's swan song "Dim all The lights" was actually enjoyable to watch. too bad he had to leave *sniff-sniff*.

Matt Giraud should have left last week, he's still terrible. i first noticed him when he sang "You Found Me" but i detest him now for having been saved and making Anoop leave now. not that i'm so sure about it hehe. indulge me, i'm just one bitter fan.

i remember Anoop when he auditioned wearing shorts and slippers/sandals. he looked so cool and relaxed but his voice was just intense. there were times when his song choices became a bit boring weeks later but i still love his personality, so calm so mild-mannered.

i'd want a son like him, save maybe for the chosen RnB/soul genre.

i still dunno why i watch AI season after season knowing that the winner would most likely go commercial and mainstream right after. i still love Daughtry till now though. and i hope more singers from AI would go the rock/alternative route. but then again this is not Rockstar, okay.

right now i don't have any clear bets anymore. Adam is good, exceptional but there's just something about him which i find off. and no more screaming, screeching please. Kris is so pa cute, so ordinary. I just might root for Allison then if only she could change that annoying hair style. well there's still a few more weeks and we will all know who it's going to be.

back to Anoop, if i have a daughter i'd like her to meet someone like him. (haha nanay na nanay talaga ang dating)

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