Wednesday, April 29, 2009

:eek: moments

this is a bit overdue but i can't help but laugh about it every time i remember.

Xan is growing into a mischievously sweet boy and i can't help but marvel at his feats every now and then. these are icky moments though.

one time, i was watching tv in the living room when he came up holding something out to me and said, "Mommy, yuck!" was a hardened cat litter which he picked up on the floor. I was mortified and panicked and shouted "Yuck!" to which he shouted back, Yuck!" and smiled his most sheepish,sly smile.

and he also eats his booger haha! i saw him sitting at one corner and picking his nose. I said, "yuck, what are doing?". He became shy but quickly flicked something into his mouth and also said "Yuck!"

So i went on to clean his nostrils using some cotton buds, pero ang bata nakikipag unahan sa pag pick at sinusubo ang kulangot nya! and would tease me again by exclaiming, "yuck!"

I told my mom about it and she said not to fret too much, my brother did more icky stuff when he was way younger hehehe...

He barely talks still but most of the words he knows aside from "Yuck" is "Wow!" and "Mommy, no-no!".


  1. bambie7:51 PM

    subukan mo minsan. masarap ya-an

  2. Eek!! Eek!! LoL!!