Thursday, April 23, 2009

drowning myself in jologsness

rushed up the three flights of stairs to my home last night to catch the American Idol performance night only to find out that it's been delayed a full 30 minutes. oh well, there's still All About Eve at 10pm and Fated to Love You, a Chinovela right after that. I caught a bit of Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang (what a title!) and couldn't think how could a mother name her child Proserfina haha!

Well, heto na nga ang sked ko lately na naka alarm pa sa phone ko. especially live airings of Amazing Race on Mondays at 8am in Studio 23. Back home in Iligan i got to catch the dramarama sa hapon on GMA with my mom and watched Tarzariray with the Sex Bomb Girls haha! Grabe ang producers ng show nila, di ko na nga mabilang kung pang ilang season na iyan. Kung ano ano ng roles pinapagawa sa kanila. Here, Rochelle portrays a taong-gubat complete with long, unkempt hair, tattered dress and cloth sandals/footwear. i wonder what they could think of next? hmmm....

All About Eve on primetime though is another thing. It's a Filipinized Koreanovela which i got to catch too years ago hihihi...ang cute ni Nicole doon at sobrang nakakaasar si Erika. This Filipino version is starred by Isa Calzado who i love dearly, and Sunshine Dizon as the detestable Erika. Ang galing ng casting, at ang ganda ganda ni Isa as Nicole . And Mark Anthony Fernandez is adorable as their Prince Charming. Hihi i can't help but giggle.

Sadly, natanggal na yung fave ko sa AI sniff-sniff. The results show will still be aired tonight but i couldn't help myself but peek online. oh well...

I'm still looking forward to my favorite shows on local TV each night. and i would like to enjoy this moment which makes me as normal like everyone else.



    nakaka 22 seasons na ata cla. Hanep noh?

  2. Kambalilong pala sunod, pinalaki naman mga ilong nila hahaha!! poor girls. =)