Friday, April 10, 2009


scenes of Jesus' crucifixion and death never fails to make me cry.
makes me feel as if his pains and sufferings were mine as well.
should be though, especially if we all believe that he
indeed died for us.

i'm glad Studio 23 aired the story of Judas and Jesus, reminds me of
what the holy week should be about or at least what we should reflect on. or
the kind of shows we used to watch back in the day.

when we were a lot younger holy week was observed for the entire week.
no loud music or loud voices, we can't go out of the house, no meat on the table.
there are no other shows on TV except for Bible-inspired shows as The Ten Commandments, Jesus Christ Superstar, etc.

now it's just way too different. there's no meat only on fridays, there's loud music,
endless chatterings and numerous other shows on cable TV plus all the DVDs we could get our hands on. i look forward to 7th Heaven marathons on Studio 23 though. i'd have a hard time ungluing myself in front of the TV once it starts.

it bothers me a bit what kind of holy week tradition Xan can have in his growing years. he has a choice in how he'd want to spend his growing years but it would be nicer if he gets to observe what we had and did then. we didn't exactly enjoyed such limitations as kids but we all appreciate it now that they are mostly gone that we try hard to bring it back.

just this afternoon, after painfully dislodging myself from the marathon, we headed to church for our own Station of the Cross". it was a bit taxing especially since the stations are found around the city streets and we don't exactly know where they are. turned out to be some kind of an Amazing Race minus the race and the clues as to where the next station is. Thus we started with station no. 3 and went through them in no particular order. well as they say, it's the thought that counts eh? and i certainly hope God up there understands.
hey, we did our best!

when we got to church we found more people doing their own stations of the cross inside which was indeed more convenient. i asked my sister why didn't do it there and they told me " para exercise naman!" ahh okay haha!

Xan came home feeling so tired but he seemed to have enjoyed walking around the city
and us mumbling our prayers.

i still hope that somehow we will be able to sustain and feed such traditions even in our own little ways. most often we might forget about what they exactly mean but it is ones faith and the thought of being and having a family that matters the most.

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