Thursday, April 02, 2009


everything is pretty quiet in my side of the world because i haven't really done much except for spending time with Xan. our day would usually start at around 1 or 2 pm when we'd both wake up. sometimes though he would sleep on longer and i'd read a book or surf or watch mtv while i wait for him. then we'd eat or watch tv some more or go out and walk around the city's streets.

we would stay up till past midnight watching more tv or checking out different fun videos on youtube. he still shrieks like crazy everytime he sees that "whatever kid" and remembered i made his own "whatever vid" years back heheh...

oh, and we went out today for his haircut at his 25-peso barber shop and my boy is just not so little anymore as he sat prim and properly on the high chair. at least he is no longer screaming and squirming like before. way to go, Xan!

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