Saturday, April 18, 2009

from the groom's sister

almost 20 pairs of principal sponsors
12 pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen
200 expected guests

i didn't know it was going to be this big. when i first talked to my mom about this wedding, she said it will be in a smaller church so it would be a bit solemn. i was thinking it will just be at least a hundred close friends and family. but well oh well...

the entire family is excited and has caught up with the frenzy of preparing for what could be the first major wedding in the family. the first, because both our elder sisters married in a haste, i don't really know why. maybe they thought we were bound to stop them weheheh...

i find it such an enjoyable thought that we will all be involved in this major family activity and be allowed to preen and dress up to the nines. what's more important and heartwarming though is the fact that it makes me mighty proud that my brother is actually making this major leap in his life. and we are all grateful that she has found this girl who is finally able to match his eccentricities, his unique desires. she is indeed one special girl. i still have to know her more but so far it makes me happy how she's making my brother really happy. she's more than a decade younger than my brother but the age gap seems to work well for both of them. i find it extra enjoyable too how we'll both hear the fusion of 80s music with the emo/pop hits on the wedding reception !

so later is going to be an all day long affair starting at an 8am call time for our hair and make up and pictorials and video sessions. the wedding mass is at 2pm to be followed by a garden reception till the early evening. there is still another dinner party at both our house and the bride's. and oops, the entire family along with some more relatives and friends will be going swimming the following day, sunday. more food, more party indeed.

cheers to the would-be newly weds. love is grand indeed!


  1. Congrats to kuya and his bride! Wow, a grand celebration LASTING days long, how super. Xan will enjoy this I'm sure!

  2. thanks, May. i remember nagkita nga pala kayo jan sa bacolod ng bro ko. :)

    nakakapagod may ikakasal ha! =)