Sunday, October 09, 2011

The 4-peat Bonfire!

I was going to wear my Ateneo shirt for the day but I had to go to La Salle Greenhills for work/interviews so I decided against it. It kinda felt different being in La Salle grounds but well, that's another story hehe...

I rushed off towards the Ateneo just before 5pm hoping to be there for the Thanksgiving Mass at the Gesu but traffic was really bad from Greenhills to Katipunan starting at the C5 flyover. I alighted at the Gate 2 overpass and walked/ran towards the Gesu. And thankfully, I managed to get there at least before the Eucharist celebration, yay!

There's something so serene, almost magical with Jesuit songs and prayers it's almost making me heady. I dunno, maybe it's the feeling of peacefulness, of familiarity, of home.

After the mass we all walked towards the grade school parking lot for the bonfire celebration. There was the usual throng of people mostly in blue. There were families and moms and dads and even lolos and lolas and kids running around. It was a truly festive celebration. There were people who brought food and some even had catered meals aside from the various food stalls offering different sorts of foodies and even t-shirts and souvenir items.

And it was such a delight being greeted by the hosts a warm "welcome to the annual bonfire celebration!" LOL!

And yes, even if it drizzled a bit we didn't have to trod on muddy soil anymore just like what we experienced during the very first bonfire celebration in the putikan back in 2008.

I wasn't able to queue up this time for autographs since they scheduled the autograph signing earlier that day but hey, look who's got the longest queue of them all!

Happy Lemon milk tea was a sure hit to the Atenistas, I am pretty hoping that Chris Tiu will put up a stall somewhere here as well, yey!

I didn't wait for the actual lighting of the bonfire anymore since I was already tired and I still have an early trip the following day. And the rain started falling heavily I don't how things went anymore. Although i heard the concert went on till almost midnight and there was even a  fireworks display that I could hear from my place. Well anyway, there is always next year, 5-PEAT naman?!!!!

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