Monday, October 17, 2011

Baguio in a Heartbeat

Went up to Baguio for a work assignment, the initial plan was to make it a Baguio-Banaue trip but the rest of Ifugao was still in a state of calamity after the recent typhoons that most roads were still impassable. 

For some quick description, my job is to look for individuals, groups, families in the different parts of the country who exhibit heroic qualities. This is mainly the reason why I've been to most provinces in the country and even around Asia Pacific. We get to meet and interview these good people scattered within our reach, yey!

Travel by bus took almost 7 hours since most areas were still flooded that some detours were implemented. Good thing that there is now wi-fi on the bus at Victory Liner, yes and it's free. I just hope that they install power outlets next time in case we need to charge our batteries. ;)

It was already cold when we finally arrived in Baguio at about 5pm. We checked in at Benguet Pine Tourist Inn which is conveniently located near the Orchidarium at Burnham Park. I like this place, a room costs 850 pesos and already includes continental breakfast. There is hot water in the shower at a scheduled time. And i love it's proximity to the city center the most. Bayanihan, where there's so many cheap ukay outlets is just a stone's throw away. And there's a quick shortcut towards Burnham Park.

After some preliminary interviews of our subjects, we brought them to Botanical Gardens to continue with our shoot. It's really for a more Baguio feel of our videos, and we get to go around as well hehe.

After our shoot, we went to the Philippine Military Academy. This is actually my first time there even if I've been to Baguio so many times already. It was nearing noon time and it was really hot and sunny. It's like Baguio in summer when it could feel as warm as Manila, yikes.

But I enjoyed touring the place and taking photos. A cadet was even game enough have a photo taken with us. And it was more than enough to cap my first PMA visit. ;)

Our second day was spent wrapping up our shoot and interviews, and we went to this place where we can see rows and rows of houses atop the hills around the city. I remember way back, there used to be trees in lieu of these houses, what happened???

I always say that Baguio is no longer that cool, refreshing place that i once knew. There's just so many people and cars everywhere that one has to carefully look for a spot to enjoy nature and one's solitude. And we can never go wrong with Burnham Park.

I always love it here, the flowers and plants are always very calming like some nice balm soothing our souls now weary of urban distractions. And i enjoy the play of lights and colors in the water as the sun sets and the air becomes too biting. And the lovers, yes, it's nice spying and eyeing on lovers taking their own sweet time and oblivious to the world around them, noh? hehe

After sitting and walking around Burnham, i went to Session Road, ahh the happiest street in the world for me. That is of course before I've experienced the night markets of Hongkong, the crowded lanes in Shibuya and Shinjuku  and the forever busy streets of Times  Square in New York. But Baguio's Session Road remains to be the coolest, busiest, happiest street for me in the country. :)

It is so easy to get lost in the crowd here and i find it more exciting when there are hawkers everywhere peddling those pirated goods which makes you feel like you are committing a crime even at just by looking at their wares hehe...

I walked around the streets enjoying the sights and sounds, relishing the cool weather and saying a little prayer of good bye. It was a short visit and I was gonna leave again that night, back to the chaotic, temperate air of Manila.

The quick trip have been a bit meaningful and other than the sights that I enjoyed, I have also savored some awesome dishes in my short food trips, uhm, I should write about it too. :)

Benguet Pine Tourist Inn 
Chanum Street
Tel. No. (074) 442-7325

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  1. I want your job! Your constantly traveling. *envious*