Saturday, October 08, 2011

Katipunan is Milk Tea Heaven!

Yes, yes ooh yes!

So after that first time when i had my first taste of milk tea i started looking around my own neighborhood for my cravings, and boy was i never disappointed! Apparently Katipunan is home to several milk tea shops, there's just too many of them that I lost count already. Here's what I've tried so far...


tea.logy, i heard started out in Mercato and has another branch at Il Terrazo in Tomas Morato. I barely noticed this tiny shop when i pass by katipunan since it is located way inside Xanland just beside the Sun Shop. It was then filled with students hanging out and enjoying their pica-pica which they also serve other than the usual varieties of milk tea. I somehow managed to plop myself in some cozy sofa in a corner while deciding what typ of tea to drink this time. This is my usual problem with varieties, choosing what might be the best tasting ones could be hard to do. I somehow played it safe and chose their Honey Cinnamon Milk Tea with grass jelly and 50% sugar. As I've said it tasted safe and sweet and creamy enough. And i love their really cozy interiors i could stay there a long time and read a book or magazines. 

Cha dao

The first tea i ordered at Cha Dao was their Kopiko variant since i found it totally intriguing. "Kopiko" is really just red tea, brown sugar and milk. I am a fan of the Kopiko coffee and brown sugar for drinks so this is a hit for me. I like it too that I could also customize its level of sweetness and as to whether i'd want it on the rocks or shaken with ice. I have also tried their wintermelon and their assam. I could always go back there and try out their other varieties especially with that popping bobba sinker, interesting eh!

Cha Dao is located at the MQI Building along Rosa Alvero St. just beside Fruit Magic. 

The Tea Shop
The Tea Shop is located at the second floor of that building beside Bo's Coffee. The place is actually a cozy hang out place for students as it shares the floor with I Heart Froyo and Wich Craft, a place which i thought sells different kinds of sandwiches only to find out that they only have schubligs and frankfurters, but that's another story altogether.

I tried their Muscovado milk and yes, it's good. They have other interesting variants as Chocnut Milk Tea and even their own version of Happy Lemon's rock salt and cheese.

Aside from milk teas and their schubligs you may also want to try out their potato chips and fries to go with your drink.


I heard that Moonleaf's first store is at Maginhawa and I'm just glad that they were kind enough to open shop here in my area. It's just a small stall right in front of Crave Burger which is also but a short walk from Cha dao. Before I learned to appreciate milk tea I have already noticed the long queues they would always have making me think that their drink must really be good. My first order was their wintermelon and i liked it since it is light and fruity. and for just 70 bucks you can already get a tall cup with your choice of sinkers.  

And just recently they opened their second branch already. It's located just beside the Bat Cave along Dela Rosa St. (behind KFC).

My other favorites in the store is their Caramel milk tea and the Hakka milk tea. I heard their pearls are really good with its chewy, tasty flavor. Curiously though I am not a fan of pearls so my choice of sinkers is just the pudding and the nata or the grass jelly.

Tea Ninja

Tea Ninja is another new kid on the block, I think. This one's located along Xavierville Avenue inside the Quickbites convenience store. Their bestsellers they say are the Yasashii, Cocoa and the Pandas, whatever they are. I only tried their taro milk which is my usual order when I'm craving for something really creamy. They gave me a loyalty card so I am seeing myself going back every now and then and try out their other varieties.

Saint's Alp

Saint's Alp has to be the most upscale of them all. This store is actually a franchise from New York and Hongkong. They also serve meals and snacks aside from their teas. As usual, i ordered their regular sized taro milk this time with black pearls. I love that it is taro rich and creamy yet you could actually taste the brewed tea leaves, very good indeed. But it has to be since a small sized drink cost me more than a hundred bucks already eek!

Saint's Alp is located at the second floor of the new Regis Center just across gate 3.5. And oh, they also serve good kaya toasts. ;)

Aah, I'm really just waiting for this new guy to open. I haven't really tried their drinks but the hype is just killing me I can't wait to try it for myself. Serenitea is set to open soon at the Oracle Building just beside the newly opened Chicken Charlie. 

Meanwhile, there's a lot of tea places to choose from anyway so I sure know I won't ever go milk tea thirsty in my side of the metro, teehee!

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