Friday, October 14, 2011

OMG, Chicken Charlie!

I first tried Chicken Charlie via a take out order of drumsticks and wings in soy garlic sauce which i shared with my office mates. We all enjoyed it and even deemed it better than Bon Chon's. I went back a second time this time for a dine-in experience. I always believe that new establishments should be given at least a second try before judging its quality. And it is almost always best to try the food at once while it's still piping hot and freshly served.

Chicken Charlie is the third new chicken place here in Katipunan that opened fairly recently next to BonChon and Manang's Chicken. I've long heard about this being the better but more expensive one and i was actually expecting for a more posh store interiors. But being in its soft opening just yet I am quite okay with their  simple yet tasteful design fit mostly for kids.

They say it's best to pair the chicken with their Bundaberg so i tried it. Uhm, nothing special really except for its novelty. Though it reminds me of the gourmet soda, Boylan which i loved much in New York. But at 90 pesos i find it pretty expensive. It tastes more like your regular root beer. I'll definitely have local sodas next time. 

The yam fries are good, sweet and crispy. And are they supposed to be healthier than the potato fries? I don't know and I didn't care anymore as i went on munching while i waited for my chicken. 

My only problem with Chicken Charlie is that they don't serve two-piece drumsticks. The minimum order is 4 pieces drumstick which is too much for me. They do serve 4-piece chicken wings for 99 pesos but I'm not much of a fan of chicken wings. Well, i ordered it anyway. 

Dum-du-bi-dum while waiting for my 4 piece chicken wings in sweet and spicy sauce...

I waited and thought that it's okay, Bon Chon is more accessible anyway and their 2-piece drumstick costs merely 145 pesos and I would already be happy with that.

And then came my order....

Oh wow! it was hot and steaming, and crispy,  and was spicy alright but not too spicy that it could drown all the other flavors. It was really good, i forgot all i thoughts about BonChon and them not serving 2-piece drumsticks. OMG, this is Chicken Charlie, the best fried chicken indeed! 

i heard about people separating the crispy skin from the flesh, meticulously picking them off the bones and setting them aside, carefully biting onto the chicken part chewing them well and picking unto the pile of chicken skin set aside and slowly biting and relishing the crunch, the crisp, the flavors, wow!

before i knew it everything was gone and i was slowly licking my fingers off with leftover sauces and savoring each taste. the battle is over, lol.

Addicting indeed! :p

Chicken Charlie in Katipunan is located at the second floor of the Oracle Building along Katipunan Ave. They also have branches in Banawe, San Juan, Malate and in Paranaque. I'm just really happy they added Katipunan in their list. ;)

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