Sunday, October 02, 2011

Burger cravings on a stormy day...

 Once you've tasted manna from heaven, why bother with bread from the baker. - (Quickmelt)

I've been craving for a mean burger for the past couple days now but since it has been rainy even stormy and I am currently down with flu i just can't get out of the house. McDonald's delivery service at 24/7 comes to mind but i don't like their burgers anymore. Especially now that i have tried this much more desirable and delectable burgers from Boulevard Diner here in Xavierville.

It is really just a tiny space with a modern minimalist look. It is cozy and pretty cool to hang out in with your friends. And since i always dine in solo i don't mind plopping myself in a corner and enjoy my burger.

Just me and my burger.

My first visit there was a couple of weeks back and the taste of the burger i had there is making me sleepless, listless. This is the Gorgonzola burger, it has a 1/3 lb. beef patty, lettuce, tomato, white cheese, sauteed oyster mushrooms topped with their special Gorgonzola sauce in a poppy seed bun, phew! I had it sliced into two knowing fully well that i could not consume a whole burger in one sitting.

The beef is truly juicy, the veggies fresh and crisp and the Gorgonzola sauce that could sloppily slide off your chin is just too good to let slip off. Ahh, i just can't stop dreaming about it now!

They have other interesting burger creations that are worth trying like the Crazy Cajun, Larry Lanai, etc..

And you may want to challenge and rate yourself with the spice level of their wingerangs aka buffalo chicken wings. ;)

Boulevard Diner is located at 91 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, QC. And their front door sign says they could deliver around Katipunan area if you call them at 504-5634, hmmm maybe i could just try that. ;)

EDIT: They deliver for a minimum of 500-peso order, oh well...:)

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  1. Oh yeah! Thanks for this Ate Lang! Im excited to visit! :D