Tuesday, January 23, 2007

10 years of what???

i was at ym with a long lost college friend yesterday and it both occured to us that it's actually been 10 years ago since we graduated from college (yeah, am that old!) we excitedly talked about a grand reunion, at least for us orgmates as there's no news yet for a university-wide one.

deep inside though i felt this pang of shame telling her that i'm still inside the walls of our school. hell yeah, am at my comfort zone and i'm finding it really hard to get out. the same way that i prefer to cling to my family more than ever.

as i was walking out from our office later that day i sort of became depressed thinking what i've done and what i've accomplished for the past 10 years. it may seem ironic that though most of my high school friends consider how much of a success i am i still am a nobody when compared to my college mates. but what's a "nobody" anyway? i think of what i have and all i can boast of are the photos i've collected through the years, the number of books mostly novels and self helps i got from book sales and some from specialty shops, and some mileage accumulated from all my travels. darn, what's to count anyway. my bank account's not much to speak of. i've a lot of credit card bills though. waaaahh! i feel so poor!

come to think of it, my job has led me to a lot "good" people who claim that i have touched their lives and have given them enough inspiration. maybe i'll just have to bank on that for now. yeah right!


  1. Wow, ang bata mo pa noong nag-graduate ka from college. Don't fret, your batchmates are probably a couple years older than you :)

  2. i was 21 na din then. ;)

    tnx though. :)