Sunday, January 21, 2007

back to reality

sigh. am back here in manila again. back to living in my suitcase and some other stuffs in boxes as i still "squat" here in our office.

the flight went on pretty smoothly though i barely had enough sleep since my Xan was in his usual aswang mode and preferred to stay up till almost 5am that day.

i even had to wake him up around 8am before i left. my so obedient Xan stirred, sat up and gave me his sweetest smile. never mind if i roused him from deep sleep. i am truly blessed.

great thing i had a good book with me, mitch albom's for one more day which was really a good companion.

oh darn, my things here in the office are still messed up and i still feel like sleeping some more and my body still aches from all that wave wrestling we had.

but this is only the start of my new year here at work. just have to give myself some more "me" time and "work" time and just keep myself busy and amused.

before i knew it, i'll be riding that plane again to take me back home into my Xan's arms. bliss!;)


  1. Hehe, perfect pic to go with the aswang comment :D I'm sure Xan misses you just as much!

  2. cutie our babies talaga no? :D

    haay kaka miss lalo.