Friday, January 26, 2007

missing Xan

i'm home on a friday night. nowhere to go. not really wanting to go out with anyone anyway. pathetic but true. i'm currently reading a book but my thoughts are wandering somewhere else. how i wish am home and not here sulking and mulling over what and who's not here.

as i was thinking about this blog i stumbled upon a thread in Pex which inspired me to expound on this. special thanks to ms. violetbabe, nick relative. :D newei, here's my own list:

-i miss waking up till noon, kissing my dear Xan, and getting up for coffee just the same.

- i miss watching Game Ka na Ba with Xan and trying hard to get the million peso question.

-i miss sleeping again and or chatting with my sis as Xan make cutesy faces on our webcam.

- i miss lining up with my nieces and nephews for our 1 hour each allowance use at the computer.

-i miss running after Xan everytime he darts to the stairs and would even retort back when i would try to stop him.

-i miss watching GMA telebabad with my family. here, it really doesn't make sense watching Bakekang or Jumong alone.

-i miss my mama's cooking. even the sight of her favorite paksiw na isda which i don't eat at all.

-i miss our pet cats Ginger and Ponkie which my mama no longer allows entry to the house since they got skin diseases.

-i miss waking up to the background sound of Eudemons whenever my nephew would sneak in to the pc and play till the wee hours of the morning.

- i miss Xan's toothy smile as he sees me holding his toothbrush. he just loves brushing his teeth even if he gets tickled when the bristles brush his gums.

-i miss chatting with my nieces as they recount their anecdotes for the day.

-i miss teaching Xan to say "Mai-mai" even he says back Ma-pa or babababa....

-i miss scouring the ukays at the market with my sis and my nieces.

-i miss taking Xan to jollibee and hearing him say "mmmmmm" whenever i feed spaghetti.

i could go on and on but waaaahhhh i just really miss Xan and everyone home!!!!!!


  1. Awww. Malapit na ang March Lang...

  2. i know..tnx a lot. ;)

  3. Hi Lang! Idaan nalang natin sa EB! And before you know it, pauwi ka na ulit.. :) I missed the one last night, sana meron pa pleaze!

  4. yeba! we'll have one pretty soon. hope ok ka na by then. we missed you too!