Wednesday, January 24, 2007

still hooking up?

these past few months i've been hearing one sob story after another over failed relationships. what's more heartbreaking is that these relationships actually lasted for more than 5 years. i dunno, maybe speed dating and whirlwind romances could just be the thing now???

here's some of their stories:

-friend no. 1 and her bf are supposed to get married last december. they have been together for 9 years. however the guy met someone else and asked the gf for a cool off. what's a cool off anyway? tipong pagod na ako pahinga muna tayo at try sa iba? well, the gf tried hard to make it work just the same. even begged her bf to stay, nevermind if the guy sees both of them still. duh! but the guy was keen on staying away and chased after this other girl. oh well, the marriage date was of course cancelled.

-friend no. 2 was with her bf for 7 years before getting married. they we're together for 4 years till one day they fought really hard and he almost strangled her to death. although they' ve fought occasionally he was never violent till that time. she feared for her life that she ran away and left him. she vows to never go back to him and even filed a police report on the incident. a tro was subsequently issued to the guy.

-friend no. 3 is with his gf for 6 years. they even lived together for while till his gf left for another country last year. early december she confessed she met someone new. the bf of course was devastated but what can he do? now he has to face the daunting task of disposing the ref, tv, and other furnitures they own as a couple. drat!

i'd like to believe that maybe it's just a phase they are going to. that maybe somehow they will still be able to patch things up. but i can't help but surmise that maybe it's just how things are sometimes. my sister is telling me that Satan may actually be working double time to wreak havoc on relationships. oh well...

talking about these situations however have been greatly helping me look away from my own has helped me keep afloat in this sea of brokenness. we even tried to look for really happy relationships around us and could sadly pinpoint but a few. really sad indeed.

the question now is whether to believe in the power of love just the same or remain cynical and wary about it. although i admit about feeling giddy and excited about the prospect of going out and maybe finding someone new i still am doubtful that any of these could really lead to something good. ayayay...

how about you, would you still choose to hook up just the same???


  1. Maybe friend no. 1 could hook up with friend no.3? hehe. Hirap na maghanap nang matinong guy ngayon, either they're taken or gay. And I'm not actively looking din. But good for us, may babies na tayo kaya di na rin ganun kalungkot. =)

  2. hahaha, ofcmates ko sila pareho. ewan ko lang, malabo magka developan.

    ur damn right, buti na lang we have our kids to brighten our moods at the end of the day.

  3. well, stranger things have happened...

  4. I agree, malabo talaga ang "cool off". Just break up already kung ayaw mo na sa relationship, so that both of you can move on. Grabe yung friend #2! But if she was the one who strangled him, bakit yung guy ang nabigyan ng TRO?

  5. got me there, baliktad ang nasulat ko hehehe...sowee.

    actually mas matindi pa ung story nila, toned down lng version ko.

  6. ^^^
    Nabasa ko nga rin yun pero I figured na nabaliktad mo nga lang.

    Maybe you could hook me up with friend no.3 then? Hehe, joke! =P

  7. paparamdam ka ha, wag muna nagyon kse on the rebound pa mahirap na. hahahaha!!!

    yey, showing interest! :D

  8. Hehe, joke nga lang. =P

  9. Ah, haha. Got it now :)

  10. Anonymous2:27 PM

    date lang ng date.
    practice boyfriends until the right one comes along.


  11. nice one, sneezy! ;)