Thursday, January 04, 2007

blocked from view

after all the fireworks and the revelries taking place last holidays my birthday which is coming up in a few days may all be just a pfft. who cares for another celebration anyway when it's already the time to lose all the fats we've had and recover the sleep lost for all that partying. o well..

and guess what, my son's birthday is coming up soon too and i go on with the hassles of giving him a big anough bash trampling on my own birthdate along the process. ayay!

but what's a birthday anyway? it's just adding another year, counting more passed days, going through collected photos and events, welcoming more wrinkles and all that comes along with aging. who cares if am gonna be 31 soon.

yeah, 31!!! it's ok, my son's turning one too. at least it would be so much easier to compute our age gap heheh...

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