Wednesday, January 31, 2007


i went out again last night to the delight of my officemates here who were kinda worried that i seem to have been hiding for long. it's just that since i've been staying here in the office i've been of course on duty for like errr 24/7. no wonder our computer terminals have been overheating as i chose to reconnect on the net rather than in the flesh...

well, last night i opted to meet with fellow moms whom i've met on the net (but of course) and was truly glad to have found people like them. yeah, cyberspace does not just supply you with a handful of suitor wannabes but friends as well.

the mommies went on with the usual yakkity yak we are so known for. what is it with moms anyway that could make us continuously babble about our kids and anything else for that matter? even if we've only met each other for the first or a second time we seem to have been brought together by a special bond.

after a great dinner at the recipes ,hmmm great food by the way, some of the mommies went home ahead while a few of us stayed a bit for some mamam fun yi-ha.

really had a blast and i sure would want to see each one of them again. ;)


  1. ahuhu, stop na making me inggit! *whining like kristeta* LOL
    I'm sure it was fun! Peeyaa updated me last night on YM.. :)

  2. we missed you there too, mommy chats ;)

    next time around then. :D